15032325_1241587682565187_6131166776939677991_nHello everyone! My name is ┬áJa’La (pronounced Jay-La) and this portfolio is for WRTG 444/544 “Writing for the World Wide Web.” I’m in the Written Communication graduate program at EMU and will be graduating in April 2017. I took this class because I wanted to gain more experience using new technologies online and to learn what exactly is “writing for the web?”

My experience in this field comes from working as a copy writer for a large church organization that has  several outreaches and an international and local television ministry that has been running for over 40 years.

What I heave learned from my professional experience, along with being in the written communication program at EMU is that writing is complex and functions in multiple ways. I hope my time in this class adds to my working knowledge of content writing as well as opening my eyes to new ways of reaching audiences online.